Monday, July 12, 2004


This appalling statement was just uttered to me a little while ago. "Too many people are looking for happiness. The problem is, they are trying to find it in themselves."
The gentleman (?) would have said the following, right after spewing the above quote, that human's can only find happiness in "serving God". Or "true happiness is loving our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ."
Needless to say, I cut the conversation short.
If you pause to think about the above quotes, they are a direct attack on Aristotle and on any human who struggles to be productive, to achieve hard fought values, whatever their scale and worth.
The monumental task we face, right now, and for the rest of our lives, is to stand for egoism's proper place at the center of a human moral code. The purpose of morality is to discover how each human can achieve their values, while living on earth. Not on how to serve others and sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.
I'm reminded of a scene in Ayn Rand's sadly overlooked novel, 'We the Living', where one of the main characters discovers the key to real happiness. " I know that when I ask people if they believe in God, and they say "yes", they don't believe in Life".
Altruist's have had more than two millenia to distort Egoism, and they have done a thourough job of it. As a consequence, an egoist morality is all but unknown today, and morality itself has been destroyed as a tool for humans to use to further their own lives.
Now, more than ever, those who understand the true value of self-interest, must speak out whenever we hear such drivel. By doing so, you will not only assist in stopping the decent into religious tyranny here in America, you will also bolster your own self confidence and automatically add luster to your body armor.
Let's get busy. We have no time to loose.

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