Monday, October 03, 2005

Societies decline when "God is on their side"

DUH! I thought this was obvious to any thinking person. Thanks to Paul @ Noodle Food for the story and link.,,2-1798944,00.html

As an aside, I hardly think comparing the US to Britain, and the rest of Europe, who are bathed in a secularized form of altruism is a valid indication of America's ills. Altruism kills everywhere it is tried and practiced. Whether it takes an hour or a hundred years, altruism, religion, any form of mysticism is in its essence: death worship.
I've never heard of the journal this report is published in, and I can guess, with high certainty, that the professors undertaking this study were "liberal/socialist" in nature.
Neither European's nor American's understand that in America, people are free to believe whatever they wish--in private--that is what the principle of Individual Rights stands for, as an philosophical absolute. Since we no longer govern by, nor understand, that founding principle, in the 'majority-rule democracy' that we have lowered ourselves too, it's gang rule baby! Whoever has the biggest gang of the moment, rules to pander to their own kind.
America is a secular Republic, not a democracy. Founded as a tribute to the Enlightenment, American government must remain secular, or impartial, only taking action to protect the Individual Rights of its citizens.
If Christianity, or any religion for that matter, were the actual foundation of human freedom, as nearly every conservative claims, then why, when religion held sway over the entire earth, is that period known as the Dark Ages?

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