Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow anyone?

Nor'easter dumped about 20 inces of snow here in central Connecticut today. Still snowing lightly. It was an adventure driving home from work this morning, let me tell ya! [I work night shift].

Now the @#$%^*U#@$@$%^@$ clean-up begins. I hope my teeny snow blower is 'man enough' to get this outta here!

Snow. It's beautiful to look at, hell to shovel.


Bruno said...

That's interesting. I have never seen snow (live) in my life. I would like to, someday. Heh!

Well, good luck with the cleaning.

Blair said...

Hi Bruno,

I took photos of the blizzard's accumulation around my house, so maybe I will post those online in the near future.