Monday, September 18, 2006

Government Censorship is Here

This is a few weeks old, but Scott Holleran of BoxOfficeMojo comments on Disney's caving to Senatorial bullies on their show, The Path to 9/11. Here's an excerpt or two, then the link:

September 8, 2006

At issue is a made for television movie called The Path to 9/11, a documentary-like dramatization of the Islamic terrorist attack. Like most docudramas, it contains elements of truth and fiction in a selective depiction of the event. Apparently, among these is the assertion that the Clinton administration chose not to respond militarily against the Islamic terrorist responsible for attacks on the United States. The manner in which the point is portrayed caused the censorship.

None of that matters now—the movie is under siege and every freedom-loving American must defend Disney's right to air it. By sending the letter, these government officials—who ought to be censured and removed from the Senate—are using the authority of the state, i.e., the power of law enforcement, to violate free speech.

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Myrhaf said...

I recently heard a hardcore Dem speak with passion about how the religious right has brought censorship to America. The example she gave was that Wal-Mart stocks more religious books now. What a joke! Censorship is state power, and the greatest threat is the FCC, created during the JFK administration. The religious right is a threat, but the Dems are still the most dangerous thugs. They love using the power of the state to shut people up and they know how to use it.