Wednesday, April 28, 2004

From David Horowitz:


"Rebels in the holy city of Najaf were stockpiling weapons in mosques, shrines and schools, creating a 'potentially explosive situation.'" So reported the NY Times today (Monday). What better self-definition of blasphemy than to have soldiers use these sites for their weapons. But then this is a holy war in the eyes of our enemy. With Allah on their side everything is justifiable even using children as shield. This is evil self-defined.

The United States command in Iraq should declare that mosques, shrines and schools used by Islamic terrorists for weapons of death or other military purposes to be military targets. Then it should systematically raze them to the ground.

[Editor's Note] This last paragraph is what should have been done from day one of this 'war.' Bush is afraid to attack other 'religious' countries or sites because he is a 'Christian'. The internal contradiction is too much for conservatives to handle. They know they can't defend America, unless it's on secular (i.e. Reason) grounds and they can't do that because that would mean they'd have to face the fact that their pathetic faith is groundless, so they continue the charade of 'belief', and America faces ever worsening danger's.

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