Sunday, April 25, 2004

Pat Boone=Colossal Dimwit

Pat Boone opened his mouth the other day to reveal a hatred for freedom of thought...(
Hat tip: Marginal Revolution

Here are the juicy parts... "I don't think censorship is a bad word, but it has become a bad word because everybody associates it with some kind of restriction on liberty,"
"But we do know that at some point a line that has to be drawn between one man's liberty and another man's license."
Mr. Boone said that if he were in charge of standards, there would be stringent controls on material.
"It must be majority approved ... voluntary ... and self-imposed," he said, clad in a yellow blazer, black slacks, a canary yellow tie and white leather shoes. "Censorship is healthy for any society, and that goes for arts, entertainment, anything. "

Here's even more scary stuff...

A more serious meeting of celebrities was when Mr. Boone was invited to a private screening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."
"After the screening was over, I turned and said, 'Mel, you're an apostle,' " said Mr. Boone, who has appeared in 15 films. "An apostle is one commissioned by God to tell the story and you are telling it more powerfully than it has ever been told or will ever be told, and you are therefore an apostle."
"I consider it the most important film ever made. It is a film that is not only of gigantic proportion but one that changes life, that affects people's eternal destiny."
It is all the more significant, he said, "because Hollywood has an open antipathy toward Christianity itself."
"I knew that early in the game and therefore tried to be [nonconfrontational]," he said. "I know better than to collar people and try to force my views on people."
Such as his former neighbor, Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, who lived next door to the Boones off Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills for three years. It was shortly after that the two ended up taking pictures together for Rolling Stone magazine, Mr. Boone said.
"And I found out what he thought of my version of [Mr. Osbourne's hit] 'Crazy Train' when I tuned into his show a few years later," Mr. Boone said. "The Osbournes," MTV's popular reality program that shows a day in the life of the rocker's family, opens with Mr. Boone's rendition of "Crazy Train," a much tamer version than the guitar frenzied original.
Even in covering one of rock's most untamable enigmas, Mr. Boone had succeeded in calming things down.
"[Ozzy] told me he was trying to attract a family audience," he said.

Don't you just love it that Boone says, "I know better than to collar people and to try to force my views on people." (!!!!!!!)
So, we have a 'celebrity' calling for outright censorship of art, media, you name it. Then he says he doesn't want to 'force' his views on anyone!
Only government has the power to use force against it's own citizens, Mr. Boone. So, asking for the government to 'monitor' our 'self-imposed' censorship is asking for the muzzle over individual thought.

Mr. Boone, may you go straight to hell.

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