Friday, November 05, 2004

Election reflection...

Now that it's been a couple of days since the election, the dust has settled and we see the continued disintegration of the Democratic party, and of democrats themselves--I have a co-worker who wrote an angry screed about "King George II" and a bunch of other gobbledegook. He did manage a moment (a spasm?) of clarity when he did say in his diatribe that church and state should be seperate.--

I caught a rerun on CSPAN of the President's news conference. I was so glad to see a relaxed, almost jovial, certainly confident man, stand before us and speak his mind. Here is a piece of beautiful music to my ears...

"No president should ever try to impose religion on our society". Echoing Robert Tracinski at TIA Daily...let's hold him to these words!!!

I truly do love this country!!!!

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