Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Yesterday's election

Oh well, I guess I'll jot down a few more thoughts and hopes for the future here. First, a few things I'm not happy about, then I'll try to wrap up positive...

As Professor John Lewis pointed out in 'Opposing Platonic Conservatism: A Matter of Values, I'm now deeply concerned about the future success of Objectivism spreading into the universities. With the re-election of Bush, the philosophy of the neo-conservatives will now take ascendence, perhaps, only perhaps, brushing Ayn Rand aside, once again. I dearly hope I'm wrong about this. However, as she herself stated, reason and reality are on our side, so anyone who fights for the future, lives in it today.

With increasing majorities in both houses and the White House again, there is really, no oppostion to the religious agenda that will be rolled out and rammed through the legislavtive process. We're a 'democracy' remember? Since Bush has pulled off both the popular vote and the Electoral College, it's mob ( majority) rule baby!!!!
Since Democrats are our alleged 'secular' representatives, we are basically without leadership, as Marxism is the secularization of altruism. That is, of religious morality.

I fear that the 'war on terror' will just fade into the background as your everyday common 'police action' and that too many American's will just yawn about it and accept it. After all, Bush has kept another attack from our shores ever since, hasn't he? The conservative press will tout this election as about "moral values of the Heartland" so Bush won't have to use those Executive Orders so much anymore, as he can just send religious legislation down to Congress and have it rubber-stamped.

Here's one positive thing, though...with Bush's re-election, at least we pissed off the French ;-)

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