Thursday, January 07, 2010

"Retiring" Senator Chris Dodd

I don't know where to begin this post, frankly. I haven't read today's news but I've a very strong suspicion that we won't see the last of Dodd.
My hunch is that he was told by the Chicago mafia to step aside, as he was losing big to even a straggling field of Republican challengers.
No, he wasn't promised a puny Ambassadorship if he took one for the party, my friends. It's just my guess, but look for him to have unchecked and unconstitutional power as our new "Health Czar".
Dodd was bad, but his "Chicago hand-picked" successor in our AG Richard Blumenthal is worse. Far, far worse than Dodd. If you ever want to see a rapacious power-luster, look no further than this lout. He has used the Connecticut and federal Constitution as a doormat for more than fifteen years as our Attorney General. He will do the same in Washington, and believe me, Connecticut's parasite populace, who suckle at the teat of mother government, will elect him by a wide margin this November. Plus, in my view, Blumenthal has such a brazen lust for power, he has set his sights for the top spot.
You heard it here first.

[Update] Just caught a blurb on Dodd from the local news channel. Apparently he "pulled a Palin" [my words] and according to the state media mouthpiece, "He's far from done in Washington. He will now use his 'status' [my quote marks] to "appear as an honest broker in mediating between both sides of the aisle a Wall Street bill now in Congress." [Italics mine.]
Still, look for him to be annoited Health or Bank czar later this year.

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