Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bush considering use of military on U.S. soil

Am I growing more paranoid as I get older, or does this sound as ominous to you as it does to me?

"President Bush's push to give the military a bigger role in responding to major disasters like Hurricane Katrina could lead to a loosening of legal limits on the use of federal troops on U.S. soil."

Here's a sentence I just love...

"Bush did not define the wider role he envisions for the military."

That's right! I forgot! We must be flexible in our policy making! No firm principles here!,13319,77271,00.html?

Had the National Guard been here to do its job, instead of in Iraq and wherever else he's put them, this discussion wouldn't be necessary now, would it? Perhaps that's why he and his braintrust moved the NG offsite to begin with, to set up this discussion and possible implementation. Again, is this paranoia or just observation of fact?
Readers of this blog should know I have great respect for our military, but that I strongly dislike the way they are being manipulated by this administration.

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