Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Further Proof that Altruism Destroy's the Good

The author of the article linked below states that we've 'gifted' Iran with the defeat of Hussein in Iraq. I, and many other Objectivist's have seen that the neo-cons rush to invade Iraq was not the correct way to go about defeating terrorism, or Islam, for that matter.
Yes, Saddam was a thug--and wrongly perceived as secular by our genius intellectuals and politico's--but now Iran is doing an end-run to Syria and other Muslim states. They are not going to allow, next-door, a pro-American form of government (weak as that is). That's why they are in hot pursuit of nuclear weapons and deals with other muslim states to spread that 'technology'.

Go. Read. Write to your reps and the President.

Our Gift to Iran

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