Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I learned of this fund via Junk Science's Steve Milloy and his feature article(s) on phony shareholders whose only purpose in being stockholders is to pressure companies into adopting Green--or other--political agenda's.
The Mutual Fund in the title above suggests that pro-capitalist investors invest in this fund in order to counteract groups such as "As You Sow" and other phony socialist ideological groups.

Take a look at Milloy's article, which appeared in the New York Sun. He has similar articles under his "What's Hot!" section, as well. Here's a clip from the linked article:

"Shareholders like As You Sow aren't bona-fide investors in the sense that they invest for financial return. They're pretend shareholders investing for the sole purpose of pressuring companies to implement social and political agenda's, which, as in the case of As You Sow and its cronies, can be pretty frightening."

Here's a link to the mutual fund: (Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any monies invested, or lost in this fund, if you choose to partake. As always when making investments in the market, read the prospectus carefully and assume that there is risk involved with your capital.)

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