Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Philosopher-Detective Game

Conservative "pro-lifer" Jill Stanek, writing for WorldNetDaily [a site I rarely visit] has taken ARI's editorial on Stem-cell's to task. It is an exercise in double talk if ever there was one. See if you can spot the offense in her writing that she claims ARI's writer's are committing. I will provide links to both editorials.

First, ARI: The Anti-life Opposition to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Next, Ms. Stanek's confused rebuttal: The anti-life name game

This all goes back to my conversation I had with local friends, about Miss Rand's epistemology being the key that unlock's man's mind from the shackles of religious correctness. It won't be enough just to have her ethics explained to "the masses"(as my friends think). It probably wouldn't hurt, but it wouldn't be enough to make it stick without the proper foundation from epistemology to buttress it.

"The alledged shortcut to knowledge which is faith, is only a short-circuit destroying the mind" Ayn Rand

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