Monday, June 13, 2005

Just a thought...

Only the other day, did I learn that the G8 leaders "forgave" $40 billion dollars in debt to "poor" African countries.
I want to thank our Great Leaders for being so altruistic and 'forgiving' of these LOANS. Here's a thought Great Leaders! Your most humble and faithful servant, would like to submit to your attention the idea that I would like all my future taxes rescinded immediately.
After all, I'm "poor", by just about any standard you can come up with. There's no question whatsoever that altruism is the dominant morality in practice today, so hey! Why not extend that generous gift to one of the citizens you goddamn fucking bled to death so you could "give" these loans away?

I know, I know. Just a thought. WAIT! Some men in white coats are knocking at my door. I wonder what they want?
What's that noise?? Ah! There appears to be Black Helicopters flying over my house, too.
Been nice knowin' ya!!!

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