Tuesday, August 28, 2007

News Flash!

Perusing Dr. Peikoff's site, it appears he will start podcasting in September!

Here's the announcement:


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Book Update

Well, this is kind of an "on the spot" posting. Actually, I was thinking about a post that gus van horn linked to about the Leftist Goon Squad practice of "re-shelving" books in bookstores [ a practice both unethical and time-wasting] when I caught a link of his to an old post of mine about what books I'd read in 2004.

So, I thought I'd bestow upon my readers a partial list of the books I've read so far this year, and recommend you check them out.

"The Messenger" by Daniel Silva [perhaps the best of the Gabriel Allon series, so far]
"The Exiles Trilogy" by Ben Bova [an SF oldie but a goodie]
"The Daughter of Time" by Josephine Tey [recommended]
"To Live Forever" by Jack Vance [My all-time favorite SF writer]
"The Sign of the Book" by John Dunning [5th, I think, in the Cliff Janeway series]
The "Sparrowhawk" series by Edward Cline [Wonderful. Highly recommended]

There aren't that many more, as I've been unemployed since February and sadly, still looking for work. I hope to land something soon, however.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Military Religous Freedom Foundation added to Blogroll

I am adding an organization fighting the "evangelicalization" of the military to my blogroll.
Here is a YouTube presentation of why they now exist.


Check them out.

[As an aside, some are now calling the city of Colorado Springs the "Protestant Vatican". And, on a sad note, this organization seems to oppose the all-voluntary armed forces. They believe that this "evangelicalization" started taking place when the military ended the draft.]

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Upcoming on CNN: God's Warriors

Later this month, CNN will have a six-hour special [2hrs x 3 nights] on the rise of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic "warriors".
Here's an excerpt from the press release on the shows:

For this documentary, Amanpour reports that during the last 30 years, each faith has exploded into a powerful political force, comprised of followers – “God’s warriors” – who share a deep dissatisfaction with modern society, and a fierce determination to place God and religion back into daily life and to the seats of power. Their political and cultural struggles to save the world from what they view as secular materialism, greed and sexual corruption have caused anger, division and fear.

The first showing is next Tuesday, August 21 at 9PM EST.