Monday, November 22, 2004

NBA= National Brawl Association

Detroit, a city known world-wide for its grace, charm, and sophistication [insert sarcastic chortle here] was the scene of a terrible, ugly brawl between "professional" athletes and fans the other night. It was truly disgraceful. No doubt a new low has been reached in NBA annals. Here in America, we have teams of multi-millionaire athletes in every sport. Most (but especially the NBA) with the IQ and education level of dry, stale, cowchips---or worse.
What is the cause of this growing trend toward violence in sport here in America? This 'soccer fan' mentality poisoning sport across the board?
The short answer is this: European collectivist ideas are infesting every facet of life in America. Not just sports. These ideas eminate from our universities, which are sewers of intellectual depravity, precisely because European ideas dominate 99.8% of our university programs and faculty.
The schools who actually teach pro-American, pro-reason, pro-individualist, pro-capitalist ideas that are the actual root of this nation can be counted on one hand, as the saying goes. It can't even be counted as a school or schools, but less---the actual count of one rational faculty member compared to his/her counterparts is perhaps 1 in 10,000 or worse. More like one in 100,000.
For at least a century and a half, the idea of America as a secular republic, where each individual is free to live, and rise to the level his abilities can take him, has been willfully buried under a torrent of collectivist verbal diarrhea.
Leading the way are what/who I call The Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse: Plato, Kant, Hegel, Marx. With all the legions of their lesser ilk in tow behind them. It is just astonishing to think that for more than two millennia, freedom and civilization has moved forward on the shoulder's of only two men. Aristotle and Aquinas, and the latter was only half right (!)
Until and unless Aristotle, Aquinas, and yes, Ayn Rand, are put in a place of pre-emminence in our schools and universities, you can expect more violence, more government control of our daily lives, more taxation, more chaos.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

2 new Blogs added at left

Friends, I've added two new and interesting Blogs to my links at left. Be sure to give them your atention!
Check out: Tribe of I & The Charlotte Capitalist, especially the latter's "Reason Roundup".

Good stuff!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What would Frank do?

Here's a little ditty on what Mr. Sinatra would do to terrorists....Funny.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Election reflection...

Now that it's been a couple of days since the election, the dust has settled and we see the continued disintegration of the Democratic party, and of democrats themselves--I have a co-worker who wrote an angry screed about "King George II" and a bunch of other gobbledegook. He did manage a moment (a spasm?) of clarity when he did say in his diatribe that church and state should be seperate.--

I caught a rerun on CSPAN of the President's news conference. I was so glad to see a relaxed, almost jovial, certainly confident man, stand before us and speak his mind. Here is a piece of beautiful music to my ears...

"No president should ever try to impose religion on our society". Echoing Robert Tracinski at TIA Daily...let's hold him to these words!!!

I truly do love this country!!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Yesterday's election

Oh well, I guess I'll jot down a few more thoughts and hopes for the future here. First, a few things I'm not happy about, then I'll try to wrap up positive...

As Professor John Lewis pointed out in 'Opposing Platonic Conservatism: A Matter of Values, I'm now deeply concerned about the future success of Objectivism spreading into the universities. With the re-election of Bush, the philosophy of the neo-conservatives will now take ascendence, perhaps, only perhaps, brushing Ayn Rand aside, once again. I dearly hope I'm wrong about this. However, as she herself stated, reason and reality are on our side, so anyone who fights for the future, lives in it today.

With increasing majorities in both houses and the White House again, there is really, no oppostion to the religious agenda that will be rolled out and rammed through the legislavtive process. We're a 'democracy' remember? Since Bush has pulled off both the popular vote and the Electoral College, it's mob ( majority) rule baby!!!!
Since Democrats are our alleged 'secular' representatives, we are basically without leadership, as Marxism is the secularization of altruism. That is, of religious morality.

I fear that the 'war on terror' will just fade into the background as your everyday common 'police action' and that too many American's will just yawn about it and accept it. After all, Bush has kept another attack from our shores ever since, hasn't he? The conservative press will tout this election as about "moral values of the Heartland" so Bush won't have to use those Executive Orders so much anymore, as he can just send religious legislation down to Congress and have it rubber-stamped.

Here's one positive thing, though...with Bush's re-election, at least we pissed off the French ;-)

Monday, November 01, 2004

Tomorrow's Election

I've decided to toss in my two cents worth of thoughts on tomorrow's Presidential election.

Reading the many Objectivist, or related, editorials both for and against each major candidate, there are things I've just got to get off my chest about what is happening, or going to happen after the election.

I'm afraid of Bush, because he is sincere in his Christian belief. There is no doubt he is allowing religious people more access to the corridors of power than they have never had nor deserved, in our history.
There is only one result when people unite religion with state power, and it is not good. Neither for those who 'voted' for that alliance, nor the rest of us who oppose it, if it befalls us to do so. (Unless of course, we 'win' the argument and persuade American's to remember their secular heritage).

I have said for years, that the battleground for any future culture/society of freedom for the individual lies in applying and spreading Ayn Rand's epistemology as far and wide as each of us are capable of doing, in whatever 'reasoned' manner open to us. That truth will never change, as long as their is one human left of earth.

I am opposed to religious belief for myself because of its faulty mental mechanism of 'faith'. As human being's we are an integrated sum of matter and consciousness. Thought and action. The mind works a certain way, and only in that way. There are no shortcuts to knowledge. No 'mystic insight' to guide our way to a life fulfilled.
I am opposed to the unity of religion and state for the reason that, in a secular state, people who disagree are free to go about their life without interference from others who have differing views. A properly grounded secular state apparatus keeps all its citizens free from coercion. One need only look honestly toward the Middle East to see how theocracies deal with their own kind, let alone dissenter's. ( Remember Bush's father saying that atheists should not be considered citizens of the United States? I do.)
On top of all this danger, we have the twisted, useless philosophy of pragmatism, which dominates our culture today. I loathe a President (whomever that may be) who uses the language of freedom to sell-out those principles for short-sighted gains, which turn out to favor our enemies in the long run and destroy the American concept's of freedom, individualism, and capitalism in our fellow citizen's minds. A man who does this, as far as I'm concerned, is evil. I loathe a President who offers bold language, especially if it is morally correct language, to the world and then proceeds to undermine every aspect of his stance to 'balance competing pressure groups' and to appease our deadliest enemies.

As for The Left, when the Berlin Wall fell, so did all the leftist pet ideas of socialism, welfare-statism, communism. They are out of gas, and out of even remote civility toward anyone who differs from their hallowed, empty Ideal. John Kerry is the epitome of a Zero. Utterly and totally selfless, and, isn't that ugly. I just read a comment about "The Angry Left" and boy, isn't that the truth.
When you abandon reason, then do all in your power to destroy reason, logic dictates that 'anger' may be all you have left. Yet in today's typical fashion, do they blame themselves for their own sellout to the void? No. We won't see that from those empty skulls, not ever. Everything's now a 'conspiracy of the right' or Big Business buying off this or that legislation. Blah Blah Blah Blah.

Yet, I believe it will be easier to show the American people how bankrupt the Left is, by having them in power, than by having committed religious zealots running the show for four more years. We, as dedicated advocates of reason, of Objectivism, have a better chance, both short term and long, if Bush is out of power.

This is why, as disdainful as it is, I'm pulling the Kerry lever tomorrow morning.