Monday, November 22, 2004

NBA= National Brawl Association

Detroit, a city known world-wide for its grace, charm, and sophistication [insert sarcastic chortle here] was the scene of a terrible, ugly brawl between "professional" athletes and fans the other night. It was truly disgraceful. No doubt a new low has been reached in NBA annals. Here in America, we have teams of multi-millionaire athletes in every sport. Most (but especially the NBA) with the IQ and education level of dry, stale, cowchips---or worse.
What is the cause of this growing trend toward violence in sport here in America? This 'soccer fan' mentality poisoning sport across the board?
The short answer is this: European collectivist ideas are infesting every facet of life in America. Not just sports. These ideas eminate from our universities, which are sewers of intellectual depravity, precisely because European ideas dominate 99.8% of our university programs and faculty.
The schools who actually teach pro-American, pro-reason, pro-individualist, pro-capitalist ideas that are the actual root of this nation can be counted on one hand, as the saying goes. It can't even be counted as a school or schools, but less---the actual count of one rational faculty member compared to his/her counterparts is perhaps 1 in 10,000 or worse. More like one in 100,000.
For at least a century and a half, the idea of America as a secular republic, where each individual is free to live, and rise to the level his abilities can take him, has been willfully buried under a torrent of collectivist verbal diarrhea.
Leading the way are what/who I call The Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse: Plato, Kant, Hegel, Marx. With all the legions of their lesser ilk in tow behind them. It is just astonishing to think that for more than two millennia, freedom and civilization has moved forward on the shoulder's of only two men. Aristotle and Aquinas, and the latter was only half right (!)
Until and unless Aristotle, Aquinas, and yes, Ayn Rand, are put in a place of pre-emminence in our schools and universities, you can expect more violence, more government control of our daily lives, more taxation, more chaos.

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