Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pfizer speaks out on Connecticut's Eminent Domain case

Pfizer issues press release concering misconceptions the media has about Pfizer's role in the recent Supreme Court case in New London.


The Faith-Based Attack on Rational Government

Truly excellent Op-Ed from The Ayn Rand Institute & Thomas Bowden.

"As 'people of faith' step up their crusade to inject religion into judicial decision-making, people of reason must understand why America should be a whollly secular state."


Go. Read. Speak out in defense of America.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Have You Forgotten?

Every time I think of 9/11 and those brave souls who chose to leap to their deaths instead of burning alive, I cry. Yes. I cry still. I refuse to apologize for that, too.

Via the Reclaim Your Brain blog, here are the lyrics to Darryl Worley's song, "Have You Forgotten".


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Ayn Rand smeared...again

Google News is a handy resource to find good and bad things concerning Miss Rand. In this instance, an, ah....entity.... proceeds to lump together Rand, Objectivism, and the Neocons...


The Charlotte Observer, last sunday, printed a smear job from another "entity" named Rev. Mike Macdonald, but Google, and the Observer today feature four positive replies to this particular smear. You'll have to register at the Observer's site to gain access. It is worth it!


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Surpreme Court further cripples property rights of Americans

This Yahoo story sums up a very bad decision and a bad omen for America and its citizens.


One of the disastorous results of our bankrupt and immoral public education system is, many of the victims represented in the New London case don't understand the "whole picture". One local property owner, who was just interviewed, put the sole blame on 'corporate America.'
A nation's economic laws are set by it's political system, not the other way around. Nor are (sadly, thanks to FDR and the New Deal, and many others since then) our economic interests and political interests seperate.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a time (right now as you read this) when both the left and right political spectrum's are merging into one totalitarian "whole". The only antidote to this merger is: better ideas. Religion won't help you. It is a major part of the problem. Marxism won't help you, it is only secularized Christianity, after all.
What is needed today, desperately and immediately, is a philosophy. A rational, 'this world' life affirming, freedom affirming, Man-worshiping philosophy. I speak, of course, of Objectivism. The philosophy of Ayn Rand.

Any of you history buffs out there ever heard of a book called, "The Ominous Parallels: The End of Freedom in America". Authored by Leonard Peikoff. See my blogroll, at left.
This book outlines the philosophical causes of Nazism and Hitler's rise in Germany and shows the parallels of that same philosophic system at work here in America. Dr. Peikoff skillfully examines the role of ideas in history and shows how far America has strayed from its original intent as a free nation based on the absolutism of Individual Rights. America today is a socialist welfare-state that "allows" some freedom to exist, so it can keep the tax revenues coming in at an ever higher pace.
You could say, as Dr. Peikoff does, that 2005 America is in its "Weimar" stage. The stage of collapse just before Hitler and his gang of murderous thugs rose to power.
Ayn Rand once said that a political battle is a battle "fought with muskets" but a philosophical battle is a "nuclear war".
Are you prepared for nuclear war?
Do you have "better ideas" than the ones that dominate our culture right now? You won't unless you study and understand Ayn Rand. Better do so while you still can. The hour glass has been broken and the sands of time are falling.

[Commentary added 6/24/05]

Another Blog Added

Reading Gus's recent roundup of happening's in China and "south of our border" I suddenly remembered that I've wanted to add a Venezuelan blog to my blogroll for some time, but kept forgetting to do it until now. The gentleman who writes this blog, writes from an anti-Chavez point of view. He certainly sheds light on how corrupt the government has become there.

As an aside, (for men only---or not!) apart from his many cogent observations on life there, when you visit his blog, be sure to scroll down the left column until you see his "My Sections" and look for Venezuelan Beauties, where you'll find photos of extraordinary Venezuelan women, mostly involved in either protesting Chavez or celebrating a Venezuelan tribute of some kind.

http://blogs.salon.com/0001330/ The Devil's Excrement

Friday, June 17, 2005

Two New Blogs

I've just finished adding two great blogs to my Blogroll. Diana Hsieh's Noodle Food, and Focus Foundry. Both provide excellent, thought-provoking reads, and Diana, thanks for adding the Foxhole to your blogroll!


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Philosopher-Detective Game

Conservative "pro-lifer" Jill Stanek, writing for WorldNetDaily [a site I rarely visit] has taken ARI's editorial on Stem-cell's to task. It is an exercise in double talk if ever there was one. See if you can spot the offense in her writing that she claims ARI's writer's are committing. I will provide links to both editorials.

First, ARI: The Anti-life Opposition to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Next, Ms. Stanek's confused rebuttal: The anti-life name game

This all goes back to my conversation I had with local friends, about Miss Rand's epistemology being the key that unlock's man's mind from the shackles of religious correctness. It won't be enough just to have her ethics explained to "the masses"(as my friends think). It probably wouldn't hurt, but it wouldn't be enough to make it stick without the proper foundation from epistemology to buttress it.

"The alledged shortcut to knowledge which is faith, is only a short-circuit destroying the mind" Ayn Rand

CSM presents an Overview of Neoconservatism

The Christian Science Monitor did this a few months back and the link is still good. Here, you will learn about the "Middle-aged White Jewish Intellectuals" [Their term, not mine] who formulated Neoconservatism and it's current impact on the Bush administration. Short bio's on many of the leaders of the movement are provided and you can even take a quiz to see where you are politically in relation to neoconservatism.

If you're anything like me, you're eagerly awaiting ARI Director Yaron Brook's critique of the neocon's at this summer's Objectivist Conference.


Monday, June 13, 2005

Just a thought...

Only the other day, did I learn that the G8 leaders "forgave" $40 billion dollars in debt to "poor" African countries.
I want to thank our Great Leaders for being so altruistic and 'forgiving' of these LOANS. Here's a thought Great Leaders! Your most humble and faithful servant, would like to submit to your attention the idea that I would like all my future taxes rescinded immediately.
After all, I'm "poor", by just about any standard you can come up with. There's no question whatsoever that altruism is the dominant morality in practice today, so hey! Why not extend that generous gift to one of the citizens you goddamn fucking bled to death so you could "give" these loans away?

I know, I know. Just a thought. WAIT! Some men in white coats are knocking at my door. I wonder what they want?
What's that noise?? Ah! There appears to be Black Helicopters flying over my house, too.
Been nice knowin' ya!!!

Corporations under even more attacks...

Just the other day I spotlighted a mutual fund that will aid pro-capitalist's in helping fend off loonie leftist groups who buy stock in companies just to browbeat/force them into adopting Green, or other agenda's. Well here's an article about the "Christers" [Christian Right] using boycott's, the threat of boycott's, and massive letter writing campaigns, against major corporations if the don't stop advertising on "gay" tv shows such as Will and Grace, etc.
Nice bunch. Read it. All of it.

"The New Blacklist"


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ayn Rand Institute issues press release on Cox's appointment to SEC

Yaron Brook issues warning to honest Objectivist's everywhere, and I say"beware of false prophets". (Couldn't resist the pun :-) )



I learned of this fund via Junk Science's Steve Milloy and his feature article(s) on phony shareholders whose only purpose in being stockholders is to pressure companies into adopting Green--or other--political agenda's.
The Mutual Fund in the title above suggests that pro-capitalist investors invest in this fund in order to counteract groups such as "As You Sow" and other phony socialist ideological groups.

Take a look at Milloy's article, which appeared in the New York Sun. He has similar articles under his "What's Hot!" section, as well. Here's a clip from the linked article:

"Shareholders like As You Sow aren't bona-fide investors in the sense that they invest for financial return. They're pretend shareholders investing for the sole purpose of pressuring companies to implement social and political agenda's, which, as in the case of As You Sow and its cronies, can be pretty frightening."


Here's a link to the mutual fund: (Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any monies invested, or lost in this fund, if you choose to partake. As always when making investments in the market, read the prospectus carefully and assume that there is risk involved with your capital.)


Friday, June 03, 2005

A bit of Housecleaning...

I thought of this a while ago, and am just now getting to it. I've eliminated some of the blogs/websites at the left, and added one. The ones I've discontinued have either not blogged for months (Tribe of I) or have killed their blog altogether (AzureWaters), so I've done some housecleaning. I'll also take a moment to introduce a new blog, Thrutch, which appears to be Objectivist oriented.
As always, only those who write for their own blogs are responsible for its content. Not me.

I'm currently reading "The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics" and am totally immersed in it. Of course, I knew what "side" I was on (Rand) but this book is such good ammunition!!!!

Also, I'm pleased to see that Robert Mayhew will have a new paperback out this coming November on Miss Rand's Q&A sessions!!!

PLUS!!! Tara Smith's new book (The Virtuous Egoist: Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics) will be published next year by the prestigious Cambridge University Press!!!!!

Hot Damn!!! And another thing!!! To also learn that Peter Schwartz and Harry Binswanger are both working on books, this is GREAT NEWS indeed.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Hayek Scorecard

Leave it to an economist to pit Salma vs. Friedrich....and pick Fred!!! Needless to say, I will take Salma ten out of 10! See for yourself. Hehehehehehe