Thursday, June 23, 2005

Surpreme Court further cripples property rights of Americans

This Yahoo story sums up a very bad decision and a bad omen for America and its citizens.

One of the disastorous results of our bankrupt and immoral public education system is, many of the victims represented in the New London case don't understand the "whole picture". One local property owner, who was just interviewed, put the sole blame on 'corporate America.'
A nation's economic laws are set by it's political system, not the other way around. Nor are (sadly, thanks to FDR and the New Deal, and many others since then) our economic interests and political interests seperate.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a time (right now as you read this) when both the left and right political spectrum's are merging into one totalitarian "whole". The only antidote to this merger is: better ideas. Religion won't help you. It is a major part of the problem. Marxism won't help you, it is only secularized Christianity, after all.
What is needed today, desperately and immediately, is a philosophy. A rational, 'this world' life affirming, freedom affirming, Man-worshiping philosophy. I speak, of course, of Objectivism. The philosophy of Ayn Rand.

Any of you history buffs out there ever heard of a book called, "The Ominous Parallels: The End of Freedom in America". Authored by Leonard Peikoff. See my blogroll, at left.
This book outlines the philosophical causes of Nazism and Hitler's rise in Germany and shows the parallels of that same philosophic system at work here in America. Dr. Peikoff skillfully examines the role of ideas in history and shows how far America has strayed from its original intent as a free nation based on the absolutism of Individual Rights. America today is a socialist welfare-state that "allows" some freedom to exist, so it can keep the tax revenues coming in at an ever higher pace.
You could say, as Dr. Peikoff does, that 2005 America is in its "Weimar" stage. The stage of collapse just before Hitler and his gang of murderous thugs rose to power.
Ayn Rand once said that a political battle is a battle "fought with muskets" but a philosophical battle is a "nuclear war".
Are you prepared for nuclear war?
Do you have "better ideas" than the ones that dominate our culture right now? You won't unless you study and understand Ayn Rand. Better do so while you still can. The hour glass has been broken and the sands of time are falling.

[Commentary added 6/24/05]

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