Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A 9/11 Weekend

I had family come visit this past weekend for a four day stay. Our objective was to visit the US Coast Guard Academy, the Nautilus museum and Naval Base. Then go to West Point for a saturday football game. I'm proud to say, we achieved all these objectives.
Words are hard to find to express how impressed I am/was with our young people who are attending both the Coast Guard Academy and West Point. Not only were they polite, but generous as well. It's so refreshing to see young men and women who have what I call, a 'personal integrity' about them.
Except for the horrifying presence of religion, I am so grateful to our military academies, to their instructors, and to the students who attend there. It's very, very gratifying to see your tax monies go to legitimate government functions, such as protecting this great, noble nation.
Touring West Point just has to be one of the highlights of my life. I was so impressed with that Post. It is placed in such beautiful surrounding's, again, words nearly fail me.
Not to mention seeing the cadets in full-dress uniform performing on the grounds, honoring our 9/11 victims, it was inspiring. If I weren't so dang old, I would have signed up right then and there.
If you ever want to afford yourself a taste of 'campus life' then I compel you to visit one of these academies a.s.a.p. You won't regret it. Just type West Point and/or US Coast Guard Academy in your browser and take it from there.

So, to our young and brave men and women who are attending these schools and defending our country, you are saluted.

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