Wednesday, October 13, 2004

New Author of note

I'm taking a break from reading Fantasy and picked up "Booked to Die" by John Dunning, which I recommend to all who are looking for a new hero. Cliff Janeway is a cop turned Book Seller who is a reality based man of thought and deed. This story also takes place in one of my favorite cities, Denver Colorado.
This is the first book by Dunning I've ever read. In fact I never heard of him until I read a review of this book on another Objectivist's site.
There are remarkably few flaws in this story [although I'm only half-way through it, so the juries still out].
Here's a good passage I like from the book...
I walked through the store and only then did it hit me--what I had taken on, what I'd left behind, how drastically my life had changed in only one month. I took a deep breath. The place smelled of paint fumes and sawdust. It smelled like a new car, though the actual odor was nothing like that. It was real, it was alive, and it was mine. It was sweet and exciting. I had a sense of proprietorship, of direction. I had a lifetime of work ahead of me, and it was very good.

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