Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Quick NFL Notes

Okay now, don't laugh. The Cincinnati Bengals are, and have been, my favorite team since their inception. Marvin Lewis fired the defensive coordinator, Leslie Frazier, today. I've two things to say about this:
1) Frazier should never have been hired.
2) Frazier should have been fired after last season.

Also, big stories out of Seattle say Holmgren is on the hot seat there. Pshaw! Ray Rhodes is their Defensive Coordinator--- a loser wherever he's been. The only reason Rhodes won in Philly as Head coach, was John Gruden as his offensive coordinator. Talk about someone (Rhodes) who has an undeserved reputation as a good coach!!!!!!!!!!! After Gruden left Philly, what happened there. Nosedive! Rhodes went to Green Bay (I think) LOSER. Fired. Rhodes went to Denver as Defensive coordinator. ONE SEASON. Fired. Now in Seattle, he's poisoned that unit's ability to get better. CAN ANYBODY GET A HINT?

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