Monday, April 25, 2005

TheocracyWatch & a philosophical dilemma

Theocracy Watch has set up a link of news items concerning the Conservatives war against the judiciary. There are simply too many fine articles to list individually here, so I'll list the link to their news page, instead...

Theocracy Watch's "What's New?" page:

Here's a dilema of sorts that maybe can generate some discussion among Objectivist bloggers:

Some liberal bloggers are smearing the political theory of republicanism by calling conservatives/theocrats "republicans", when clearly, republicanism is the political system of individual rights and limited goverment.
Granted, theocrats want a "limited" secular arm, but only because they want "The Church" to have total power. This hardly constitutes alignment with republicanism, as we can see by Bush's massive expansion of the welfare-state and other government regulations.
Are the liberal critics right then, to cast a wide net over America's original political principle of Individual Rights begun as a tribute to Man, and to the fading Enlightenment?
Today's 'liberals' fail to gleam this crucial distinction, because they are altruist's too. As objectivist's, we know epistemologically, that socialism, communism, welfare-statism, fascism, theocracy... are all variants of the same altruist/collectivist/religious coin.
I once asked my fellow objectivist's here where I live, which one aspect of Miss Rand's philosophy is most desperately needed in today's America. I held it is the spread of her epistemology, which will lead to an understanding of her ethics and politics, which will accelerate the establishment of a freer society. They held it was her ethics alone which would ignite this acceleration. What do you think?
Either way, it's a long, tough battle we're engaged in.

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