Sunday, December 18, 2005

Guy Gavriel Kay

Here’s a new author, added to my list of favorites. I get so much good feedback when I mention my favorite authors, I’m adding this Canadian to the “list”.
I am currently reading The Lions of Al-Rassan, a stand-alone novel of his. GGK specializes in ‘historical fantasy’. That is, he spends about six months a year, during a writing project, to immerse himself in a period and a region he wants to explore. This novel is based on Moorish Spain and one of the characters is modeled after El Cid. His characterization is splendid, the background is tantalizing and the storyline keeps you invested for the ride. I have not yet read his other works, but plan to do so during the year next year. Recommended.

Here is his "official" website.

Here is the historical background on the book Lions

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