Wednesday, January 11, 2006

America's Shifting Leftward...

...according to Dick Morris. A man I have virtually no respect for at all. This article actually starts out decently [first paragraph] then nosedives from there. He then claims the leftward tilt is due to the 'success' of the Bush administration in 'solving' [yes, solving!] the Republican agenda.
But, the kicker for me was this paragraph:

"On the environment, Americans have already decided that global warming is causing weather aberrations like the hurricane activity this summer. The administration can no longer keep its head in the sand on this issue. More than any other subject, this area of Bush blindness is making America Democratic."

Funny thing that last paragraph. Listening to coworkers, sadly, it appears he's right. People are accepting the global warmimg scare by osmosis, or rather, by default. The lack of critical thinking by -far too many- American's is increasing the dangers we face as a country and as individuals.

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