Monday, March 13, 2006

The Teaching Company Lectures

I remember some time back, when Diana [Noodle Food] mentioned she'd been racing through the lecture series she'd purchased from the above company. I thought, that's interesting, and promptly forgot about it.
Last month, I got one of their sale catalogs and boy, I ordered three series of lectures. Ancient Greece, History of Jazz, and Plato's Republic. As you might guess, I couldn't stop there, last week, I ordered FIVE more series.[!] Luckily, these are all 'sale' prices, or I would be bankrupt. Heh. The five new ones are: Science and Religion, Aristotles Ethics, Argumentation and Rhetoric, The Aeneid by Virgil, Einstein's theory for non-scientists. Quite a line-up, I must say.
One thing I've noticed is that the majority of these lectures [or, at least, the ones I have so far,] are "Catholic-centered." In a way, since Catholics are more philosophical than most all other religions [I think] it is a good test of Objectivist epistemology, and my own thinking skills, to listen, learn and compare. I am currently listening to the Science and Religion course, where Dr. Principe denounces that there was/is a schism between faith and reason. Can you guess, though, where 'reason' is placed in this equation? Right. As the 'handmaiden' of faith. One simply can't exist without the other according to him.

These courses are first rate, high quality lectures that can sharpen your thinking and reasoning skills, and when on sale, are a wonderful augment to any college or university training you may have, or have had in your life. Some courses are as low as $19.95, regularly $130. So you can get some bargains, and you have a money back guarantee.

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