Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The folly and deceptiveness of Gun-Control

A great article found at The American Daily [HT:Classical Values]

Excerpted here, but read the whole thing at:

There's No Such Thing As Sensible Gun Laws
By John Longenecker (12/02/06)

First of all, very first of all, when it comes to guns, there is no governing to be, with the exception of protection of the Bill of Rights. Since the right to bear arms is absolute, there is no governing over it. There can be only protection; you protect the rights of the people on that and that is your oath. Simple. Anything else is an attack.

Refusal to understand this not only reflects a poor understanding of the law and practical values in America, but reveals a hidden agenda to overthrow us all. All of us, not just those who support rights, but all of us. That would include Mr. Helmke, himself, unless he wishes to own a gun secretly.

In fact, if any anti-gun activist owns positively any sort of weapon in the home for self-defense And I don't care if it is a baseball bat! - he/she supports self-defense and the use of up to lethal force. Or, don't they realize what they are saying and doing? Most anti-gun nuts do in fact own weapons. Right, Rosie? N'cest pa, Dianne?

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