Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Earlier this evening at work, I was terminated. After eight years I was "downsized". I only blame myself. I should have prepared better for this event, but I had survived three 'purges' prior to this and just got caught blindsided. Oh well.

It's their loss, not mine.


Myrhaf said...

You have my sympathy, Blair. Looking for a job is much worse than having one. It's really miserable when you're desperate and you go to get some low paying job and they tell you you're overqualified. But I can see their point -- if I took a job as a pizza delivery boy or something, I'd quit it as soon as something better came along.

SecFox HQ said...

Thanks Myrhaf, my former employer is paying for career transition services and I have a small network of my own. Who knows, it may be time to relocate to the south or west. We'll see.
I won't deny it's tough, though.