Saturday, July 21, 2007

Birthday Bash

Yesterday was my birthday. We had a fun filled day traveling to southern Connecticut's Mohegan Sun casino to watch the WNBA's Connecticut Sun defeat Seattle 76-58. Looked to be about six or seven thousand folks in attendance. Not bad.
I then hit the slots and won $186 on a nickel machine. Nice. Took that money and ran, unlike most who would just sit there and lose it back again.
I had ordered Harry Potter's last book months ago and last night/this morning at midnight was the official release date, so the wife and I decided on the way home from the casino to go see the costumes and such. One young boy was dressed so good as Harry, it's a shame the movie's were already cast! Others just showed up in there drab and filthy "regular" clothing but with pink hair or blackend this and that. Very little imagination, IMO.
Border's at Westfarms Mall was packed with about 1,000 people in the store when we got there just after midnight this morning. At about 1:45am, book in hand, we were on our way home.
So, with a wallet stuffed full of cash, here I sit, typing to my blog. :-)

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