Saturday, August 15, 2015

Have You Noticed...?

The chemical factory explosion in China is a tragedy and I don't intended here to make light of it, but, I've noticed that no name of the firm has been mentioned in any print or television story I've seen, and I've pretty much scoured the news for it. In China, that means it is a State Run facility.
Can you imagine the howling that would've ensued if it was an American chemical company where this happened? Can you imagine how our vaunted 'statesmen' would jump at the chance to say how greed and selfishness are at the heart of the horrible disaster and how the company's CEO etc., should be arrested?
Yet, since the world media is silent on who 'owns' that chemical plant, to me that means it's a state run facility, so that's obviously okay. No big deal.
Similar to the EPA's dumping toxic waste in a Colorado lake/river without the slightest peep from the media. No one will be brought before congress, no one will be fired, or reprimanded, or arrested. You see, since the government did it, that's okay. It's just a silly mix-up. No big deal.

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