Monday, July 27, 2020

Why The Name Secular Foxhole?

Back in 2004, why did I choose The Secular Foxhole as the name for my blog, and possible (2020) future podcast?  Actually, I had two names jostling back and forth in my head back in 2004. The 'contest' was between this and Fish Wrap: What else are newspapers good for? Both, I thought, were apropos then, and sadly, even more so today.

I settled on TSF because at the time I felt it had more attraction to an audience, and because of my own thoughts and feelings concerning the state of our society/culture. In my mind I pictured myself looking through binoculars out at the world in the safety of a foxhole. I didn't choose it because I thought I was in a "war" with others or with society. Let's be clear about that.

I wanted to convey the frustration I feel when you know that the things you advocate puts you squarely in the minority and that what I consider irrational is flowing over all of us in waves. 

Fundamentally though, I am still optimistic about my journey. America is the greatest nation in human history and yes, American Exceptionalism is real and worth defending intellectually and morally. This probably puts me at odds with fellow secularists. So be it. 

Let's discuss...

P.S. I actually used the other name for a blog you'll find in the Blogroll at right - which will soon be cleaned up of old links. I haven't posted to it for at least seven years, though.

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