Thursday, October 01, 2020

Minority View: Confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

 UPDATED: 10/5/2020

 There are much more serious and freedom affirming issues behind the pathetic circus that's about to descend on us October 12th when the hearings begin to confirm Justice Barrett to the Supreme Court.

I've recently been studying the horrifying apparatus known as the Administrative State. Plaguing us here in America. It has grown with unchecked power over all of us, for decades. Since it is populated with 99% leftist/progressive - and unelected - "goose-steppers," that answer only to Democratic operatives, is it any wonder there is any freedom's left for individual Americans?

I subscribe to the New Civil Liberties Alliance newsletter and in its latest issue, they produce a White Paper outlining her work defending the individual against the state. Of course, by no means is she perfect. Who is?

Speaking for myself, ANY rollback of state power over the individual is a step for genuine progress. I tentatively endorse her nomination.        

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