Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Daily Telegraph: America vs. Europe

The Daily Telegraph offers a good synopsis (by Janet Daley) of the differences between the US and Europe. In short, it shows how we are still animated by a love of liberty and the Europeans collapse into cynicism and depravity.
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Here's an excerpt...

It's about freedom, not imperium
By Janet Daley
(Filed: 26/05/2004)

Those who opposed the war recite these questions with delighted sanctimoniousness, believing that their simple iteration proves the justice of the original anti-war case. But for those of us who supported (and still support) the American action, these are not rhetorical matters. It is urgently important to understand what followed the collapse of tyranny in Iraq, and why the American strategy seemed to have no plan for dealing with it.


Contrary to Left-wing myth, America is not a neo-colonialist country: it has no interest in creating a new imperium. The national temperament is, if not always isolationist, at least chronically inward-looking and self-absorbed.

The American belief that freedom is the ultimate human goal - and therefore that all men everywhere must want it - arises from a failure to understand the extent to which America as a nation is unique in its historical and philosophical roots.

There's more. Check it out.

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