Friday, May 07, 2004

Hillary's Secret War

This story is an interview found at David Horowitz's site, Jamie Glazov is interviewing Richard Poe concerning Poe's new book of the above title, with the subtitle being: The Clinton Conspiracy to Muzzle Internet Journalists.
Remarkably Poe acknowledges how spineless Conseratives were [and still are...[Editor] during the Clinton "impeachment".
Poe also asserts that, since Kerry's campaign is imploding, there is a movement afoot to replace him with Hillary in two months, (July) at their convention. I think this statement is just the author's 'book publicity' and if not groundless, certainly this event will not happen in my view, as I think Bush will be re-elected handily and Hillary will wait her turn for a clean shot at 'the brass ring' in 2008. Kerry is serving his stint as her sacrificial fodder until Bush can't run again.
Here's the link:

[Editor's aside...] I have no doubt that many of the things Poe mentions are true, although I'm not a fan of his. It is a shame that there is no moral opposition to the Clinton's now, nor during their time in office. Will there be any when/if Hillary is elected? Sadly, I think not. I hope I'm wrong.

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