Saturday, June 19, 2004

Couple of Quotes...

“ In India, as elsewhere in our darkening world, religion is the poison in the blood. Where religion intervenes, mere innocence is no excuse. Yet we go on skating around this issue, speaking of religion in the fashionable language of 'respect.' What is there to respect in any of this, or in any of the crimes now being committed almost daily around the world in religion's dreaded name? ”

Salmon Rushdie [2002]

" I sometimes wish there was a God. I'd hope He would execute His "rapture" so all His people would be called to Him. Then that would leave the world free of illiterate, dogmatic, subhuman scum, who, because of their blind belief, are incapable of living happily on earth, and try to make life impossible for eveyone else. I'd say goodbye and good-riddance to bad company. Oh! If only there was a God!"

Yours Truly [2004]

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