Sunday, June 20, 2004

Cynicism hits epidemic proportions...

I admit right off the bat that I have a different outlook on life and events than most people. I generally take a positive, benevolent view on things. Even to a fault. Where I've worked for the last five years, the people I work with are the most cynical, negative....and even foul tempered that I have ever had the misfortune to be around in my life. No matter what I try to point out to people, taking a positive viewpoint or arguing from a pro-America, pro-capitalist, pro-individualist perspective, they simply do not listen. Frankly, they would not change their mind/thought process to save their own lives. (There are one or two exceptions, to this, but that's all.)
Too much mental effort is involved in thinking for yourself these days. I'll just repeat what I've read or heard everyone else say, right or wrong. Who am I to know? Nobody has the answer. (Unless it's "Jesus" of course. He solves everything.)Yeah. Right.
I work at a major American corporation. Virtually none of my coworkers has even a rudimentary knowledge of capitalism or economics. "Everyone's out to rip off the little guy." "Management doesn't give a damn about us. I haven't gotten a raise in years!"
Excuse me. MAYBE it's your attitude toward life and work. Ever think of that?
What? Shut up dude.
This is the prevalent mindset I've faced coming to work every day. For years. There but for the grace of Ayn Rand, (and my own hard mental effort) go I.

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