Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hopeful Signs...

Hopeful signs of a Human Future.

  This news story portrays the decline of the 'Protestant majority' in America. It says that the rise of the 'non-religious' has grown at least 5% since the 1990's. Among America's youth, the non-religious has/have  grown even more rapidly.

 Here are some telling stats:

"Since colonial times, the United States has been a Protestant nation.  But perhaps as early as this year, the country will, for the first time, no longer have a Protestant majority," Smith said in a report Tuesday. 

 A steep rise in the number of people who said they have no religion: 14% in 2002, up from 9% in 1992. It's even higher for younger people: Among those born in 1980 or later, 27% said they had no religion. "Each succeeding group is less religious than the preceding," Smith says.

Let's hope, for America's future, and the future of individual freedom, that a large percentage of these 'non-religous' are steeped in the life-affirming philosophy of Objectivism. The philosophy of Ayn Rand.  Let's say 'goodbye and good riddance to religious superstition altogether.   

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