Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Kerry + Edwards

If you didn't see this one coming, you've been hiding in a cave for too long. John Edwards was, according to some reports, Kerry's second choice. John McCain being the first. But really, Edwards had to be the one, because of the inexhorable logic of it all.

Kerry has been posing (?) as a lifeless stoic. Looking like the graying, quiet, intellectual. In other words, trying to look "Presidential". Edwards is the youthful, energetic go-getter, picked presumably to energize the Democratic electorate.

I consider Edwards a modern-day Elmer Gantry. That ever-present smile hides a deep seated hatred of all things American. Things that you and I are working on trying to restore on the American scene: reason, individualism, capitalism.[Remember that almost all his stump speeches during the primaries boiled down to economic class warfare.]

Kerry's 'waffling' on the issues ( "I opposed that bill right up to the minute I voted for it."),is designed for him to look like an Intellectual, pondering all sides of an issue, but is really a smokescreen, covering his own fundamental hatred of his country.[Hat tip to Robert Tracinski of The Intellectual Activist for pointing this out, in the March 2004 issue.]

Speaking for myself, both these men are united in their zeal to sell-out America for U.N. control of everything. Turning American working men and women into saps to be drained for the world-wide welfare state.

Hey, we're already being drained for that purpose!

So there you have it. If Bush is re-elected, we'll have a more serious push for the uniting of church & state via 'Faith-Based Initiatives. If it's Kerry, we'll have every half-wit naked savage able to tell us what to do via the UN.

Very unpleasing prospects ahead.

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