Thursday, February 23, 2006


I've just returned from the bookstore, where I had a pleasant conversation with a fine looking young woman who, as it happened, was looking in the philosophy section at Rand's books :-) I couldn't let this opportunity slip by so I said, "excuse me, are you interested in Ayn Rand's ideas?" She said a friend had recommended her works to her and what would I recommend to her (!). I said she should read 'The Fountainhead' but then asked if she preferred fiction or non-fiction. She said non-fiction, and had 'Return of The Primitive' and 'Philosophy: Who Needs It?' already in hand, which I praised highly and also recommended to her 'The Virtue of Selfishness,' "which explains her theory of ethics". We then sauntered over to the Literature section, where I pulled out FH for her.
We continued our conversation about Rand and FH in particular briefly. I left before she did, but she had all four books in hand when we parted company.
Talk about a mood lift! I needed that!


Exalted Moments said...

Why do I suspect that Mr. Secular Foxhole will soon be Mr. Secular Bookstore? Leaving the foxhole to hang out in the philosophy section.

SN said...

"I couldn't let this opportunity slip by..."


SecFox HQ said...

Indeed gentlemen! Had I not been married.....;-)