Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Movie Review

With all the news about Cuba and Castro lately, I wanted to plug a very good film I got through Netflix, [also seen at Blockbuster] called 'The Lost City', featuring Andy Garcia.
This film portrays a Cuban family torn apart by the 'revolution'. Set in Batista's reign, it details the trials of one Fico, [Garcia] a nightclub owner whose family of sons are divided by both the disgust of Batista's failed government and the 'promise' of Castro's revolution. The oldest brother joins a anti-Batista 'gang'[for lack of a better word] and storms Batista's government palace, only to be killed. The youngest, heads off to the Cuban wilderness, seeking out Castro's forces, to join. Garcia plays the capitalist and is forced to deal with these issues and more.
Filmed in the Dominican Republic, this film is lush with beautiful cinematography and great acting, from almost every character, although I have no idea why Bill Murray is in this film. Apparently his character is supposed to provide 'comic relief' but fails completely. I guess I'm not hip enough to 'get it'. [Fine with me!]

In my view, this film is not to be missed.
4.5 out of 5 stars.

P.S. Another great Garcia film is, 'For Love or Country' about a talented and famous musician who flees Cuba. Get it.

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