Monday, July 10, 2006

Reparations for slavery going "Mainstream" into Culture

This article points out that although quiet for a while, the reparations for slavery movement is gaining traction again in America.[Perhaps its gaining only in the American Left and is not in the mainstream yet. Ed]


Advocates who say black Americans should be compensated for slavery and its Jim Crow aftermath are quietly chalking up victories and gaining momentum.

Fueled by the work of scholars and lawyers, their campaign has morphed in recent years from a fringe-group rallying cry into sophisticated, mainstream movement. Most recently, a pair of churches apologized for their part in the slave trade, and one is studying ways to repay black church members.

"This matter is growing in significance rather than declining," said Charles Ogletree, a Harvard law professor and a leading reparations activist. "It has more vigor and vitality in the 21st century than it's had in the history of the reparations movement."

Here's the link for the rest of the story, with apologies to Paul Harvey.

What is worrisome to me, is that "conservatives" have no fundamental opposition to this idea and will put up a bravely brief front, but succumb to it due to their own altruistic faults, namely that "we are our brothers keeper".

The Ayn Rand Institute provides some needed intellectual ammunition against the above here: [Copy and paste the whole link].

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