Wednesday, July 19, 2006

There is No Need for Endless Global Conflict

From ARI---

Dear Editor:

Islamic totalitarians have explicitly stated their goal: to
forcibly impose Islamic law around the world. To succeed, they will
continue to attack those parts of the world that oppose
their "divine mission." The United States, Israel, Canada,
England, India, and any other country that places the least bit of
value on freedom and progress, will continue to be targets.

The freer nations need to recognize the real nature of this
enemy: an ideology that demands complete submission to Allah,
either voluntarily or at the point of a knife. Do you wait for the
knife to slit your throat or do you fight back and defend yourself?

The combined military strength of the freer countries is more than
enough to eliminate decisively and definitively the assorted
collection of murderous terrorists and the governments that support
them financially or ideologically. There is no need for an
endless global conflict. What there is a need for is a
recognition that those of us living in freer countries have the right
to take any necessary actions to defend ourselves--and that our
lives are at stake.

Debi Ghate
Vice President, Academic Programs

Copyright (c) 2006 Ayn Rand(R) Institute. All rights reserved.

To which I, personally, add, why hasn't Israel used nuclear weapons against Damascus, Tehran, and hell, ALL of Lebanon? The reason? The corrupt immoral morality of altruism.

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