Saturday, July 08, 2006

Spiritual Fuel

Got back from the free event at the Objectivist Conference in Boston shortly after 1am this morning. Inspiring is all I can say. The event was a panel discussion on the state of Objectivism in academia and prospects for future growth. I can say that things are looking good and are getting better each academic year. Yes, there's still opposition, but it is waning. Dr. Brook also publicly paid tribute to four graduates of the OAC [Objectivist Academic Center] that have been accepted into major university graduate programs in philosophy. All in all, this was an inspirational talk and did provide spiritual fuel to those in attendance.

After that event, the Anthem Foundation held a party celebrating its fifth birthday. Here I got to meet Tara Smith, Debi Ghate, John Lewis [whom I had met previously, a few years ago, and who remembered me from that visit][!]. C. Brad Thompson of Clemson, Rob Tarr of the Thrutch blog, Paul and Diana Hsieh of Noodle Food fame. Betsy Speicher and I renewed our acquaintance from years ago. There were other heavyweights there, but I didn't get the chance to thank them and speak to them. Darn it!

Note to ARI's conference co-ordinator---have more conferences on the east coast!!!

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